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Our team of experienced engineers & technicians can fix any component of a machine and ensure a successful press start up. Along the way our project manager will remain transparent providing real time updates & progress of the repair.



Stamping Support Group's experienced process engineers plan and execute PRESS INSPECTIONS for our customers. Some of their expertise includes used press trouble shooting, repair & redesign, auto cad design, FEA analysis, and turnkey solutions. Projects include, New Bolsters, New Cushion Retrofit, Crown FEA and Repair.


We are a one-stop-shop for all our your press repair needs. SSG has a team of highly certified technicians that will work with project engineers to ensure a seamless repair. Press repair jobs that we have done in the past include: mechanical press, hydraulic press, cushion repair, clutch repair, press retrofit, press control upgrade, and automation service and support. 

Project Example: 1000T Press relocated and rebuilt


At SSG we have the capabilities to perform tonnage calibrations on presses up to 3000 Ton Capacity. We will perform tonnage calibration and a provide detailed report following.


Stamping Support Group will provide detailed press inspections to support your maintenance team. Talk SSG to assist you with setting up Preventative Maintenance Programs, Annual Press Inspections, and Documentation you need to keep your press room in production. 

Project Example: 2000T Press Crown Inspection


SSG provides 24/7 maintenance & support for our customers. We provide hands on training for all operation & maintenance of equipment. The technicians at SSG will also provide your pressroom with full maintenance & repair schedules. We also provide a two year follow up after the press is installed, to assist our customers on any other production solutions. Our customers are our #1 priority.

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